Renewables are Changing Everything

While oil and gas are still a crucial piece of power supply, the importance of renewables in the energy industry increases every quarter. A proactive approach to incorporating renewables into your energy management plan can save dollars and time. It’s common to be hesitant about renewables — but often this fear is rooted in a misunderstanding about the product, its potential, and the growing number of options.

In reality, renewables offer an opportunity to develop a custom energy solution that is flexible to your needs. In many cases, renewable products can be adapted to fill the gaps in your energy portfolio left from other power supply products. When integrated into your portfolio by the right supplier or partner, renewables can be extremely cost-efficient. The key is working with a partner who committed to a long-term, collaborative relationship while effectively managing risk.

What We Can Learn About Risk Management from Winter Storm Uri

It's critical to understand the biggest risks of your energy portfolio and how to diversify your resources, technologies, and contract terms to mitigate those risks.

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Learn how to protect your customers from price volatility, intermittency, and other market risks.

Manage the Unexpected

Relevant Relationships

Picking the right energy management partner is key — a long-term relationship can provide increasing value over time with more relevant recommendations and tailored insights. 


Your portfolio can be rewarding without being risky. Our approach helps you lock in prices that make sense in an ever-changing market.

Comprehensive Options

Customizable, comprehensive energy solutions allow you to create an ideal plan that eliminates waste while maximizing value.

Case Study

Paragould Solar Array

Paragould Light Water and Cable was looking to bring clean energy solutions to the people of Paragould while also meeting the growing demand from consumers to invest in renewable energy. Evergy Energy Partners was selected to support the project in a way that kept power costs low in the community in order to satisfy their customer’s appetite for renewables and to recruit industry to the area.

Solar energy panel close up

Focus on Flexibility

Manage Your Risk

The ideal renewables partner is one who will work with you to manage your plan long after it’s begun to properly manage risk and ensure success.

Access Small Quantities

Renewable power sources can be broken down into small quantities of energy, allowing you to buy only what you need.

Enjoy Expertise

With a demonstrated history of excellence and years of industry experience, our experts are uniquely qualified to advise you on renewables and will ensure you’re satisfied by maintaining a collaborative relationship.

Case Study: West Plains Solar

The City of West Plains is working toward an exciting goal to become one of the first carbon-free cities in Missouri. In order to take tangible steps toward this objective, the city partnered with Evergy. We are excited to support the City of West Plains in this effort and, through this project, create clean energy solutions that have a positive impact beyond energy.

At Evergy, our goal was to help the City of West Plains become a leader in renewable energy in the state of Missouri. We wanted to develop a solution that went beyond just providing clean energy —a solution that also improved the natural environment and created educational opportunities for students in West Plains.

Navigate Chaos with Confidence

Clear Consulting

Don’t let jargon hold you back from a stronger energy portfolio. The right partner will provide you with predictive insights and clarity at the same time.

Personalized Solutions

Every client is unique, and the best solution is one customized to your specific energy needs. A managed portfolio can ensure your energy solution is tailored to match your needs, with no waste.

Future Insights

Access to market insights is critical not only to mitigating potential risks, but also for staying ahead of the curve. Choose a partner who helps you take advantage of new technology that can transform your energy solution.

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