What to Know Before Investing in Renewable Energy

Renewables are becoming a more attractive investment with evolving emissions regulations, demand for green energy, and lower renewable technology costs. While the shift to renewable energy is inevitable, there are several barriers and risks to consider before investing.

Infrastructure may be the most significant barrier to implementing renewable energy on a large scale. Major infrastructure changes take time and can shift based on national and global priorities. The infrastructure changes required to shift from fossil fuels to renewable sources will take a long time. Because renewables technology is rapidly changing, it can be difficult to predict when and how long-term changes of infrastructure will take place.

What We Can Learn About Risk Management from Winter Storm Uri

It's critical to understand the biggest risks of your energy portfolio and how to diversify your resources, technologies, and contract terms to mitigate those risks.

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The Power of a Proven Partner


Our process provides you with clarity through a simple breakdown of our costs and proactively communicates market changes.

Access Insights

Partner with an industry leader to gain access to unique insights from experts who have a deep knowledge of the energy industry.

Rely on Relationships

Working with a long-term partner creates the opportunity to continually evaluate and optimize your strategy, resulting in greater success.

Case Study

Paragould Solar Array

Paragould Light Water and Cable was looking to bring clean energy solutions to the people of Paragould while also meeting the growing demand from consumers to invest in renewable energy. Evergy Energy Partners was selected to support the project in a way that kept power costs low in the community in order to keep their customers happy and recruit industry to the area.

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The Freedom of Flexibility

Move Fast

With years of experience, our industry experts make proactive, well-timed decisions with confidence and can help you do the same.

Avoid Needless Risk

Analyze the market with new insight — our experts work with you to explain risks, opportunities and timely recommendations to maximize value.

Find the Right Contract

Minimize your cost and streamline the investment process with a flexible contract that provides the exact amount and length of support you need.

Case Study: Kingman Wind

The Kingman Wind Energy Center is a collection of 120 turbines that generate enough energy to power over three times the amount of homes in McPherson. As wind blows, each turbine captures energy as its propellers are turned around a central rotor, which spins a generator that converts the wind energy into electricity.

The Right Reputation

Access Experts

Our people are industry experts with a background in the utility space, providing you access to unique expertise and relevant insights.

Know the Latest Legislation

Relevant, timely information from industry experts makes it easier to keep up with the latest regulation and industry trends, helping you find success.

Enjoy Individualized Options

Customized, flexible plans allow you to maintain independence over your investment approach while enjoying the benefits of having an industry leader as a partner.

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