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As an industry leader with more than two decades of experience providing energy management solutions, we build partnerships with our clients through transparency and reliability with superior counsel and advising. 

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Service Overview

At Evergy Energy Partners, our approach to energy management solutions is bespoke. Knowing that each customer has unique goals and challenges, our services and teams are tailored specifically to increase customer revenue, lower expenses, manage risks, and achieve customized business goals. We manage the power so clients can focus on what they do best.


What Sets Us Apart

As the energy marketing division of investor-owned utility Evergy, we have a long-standing reputation for best-in-class energy management solutions. Evergy has provided reliable, affordable energy to consumers for more than 100 years, and for the past 20 years, our team has used that knowledge to advise municipalities, co-ops and other power providers on how to manage their energy safely, efficiently, and reliably.

We understand the complexity of energy management and can provide a unique level of consulting that other non-utility competitors can’t match. Our team’s energy turns a century of experience into your advantage.

Our people truly make the difference. We pride ourselves on our team’s tenure and experience, which allows us to build strong, lasting relationships with our clients — ultimately providing a higher level of service and partnership. We bring the power to turn any energy obstacle into opportunity.



Over 100 years of experience in the energy business


Over 20 years of experience in energy management and trading


Our average customer has maintained a partnership with us for over 10 years


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Our Clients

The McPherson Board of Public Utilities has a strong reputation for providing reliable and highly competitive electrical service. Through our long-term interconnection agreement and mutually beneficial relationship with Evergy Energy Partners, we can provide some of the lowest rates in the nation. Our competitive rates are truly credited in large part to our long standing partnership with Evergy Energy Partners.
— Josh Bedel, General Manager
McPherson Board of Public Utilities
We value our long-standing relationship with our colleagues at Evergy Energy Partners. That relationship has fostered a trust and ultimately a very productive working partnership. Their knowledge of the utility industry and understanding of the intricacies of the regional market have proven to be an asset to Midwest Energy. We look forward to embarking on the challenges of an ever-evolving industry with our partners from Evergy Energy Partners.
– Aaron Rome, Manager of Transmissions and Market Operations
Midwest Energy

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